3HK台灣30天(30GB FUP) 4G無限上網卡



-由成功開卡當天起計30日有效 -激活後須即時實名登記 -首30GB高速數據,其後將降速至128kbps無限數據 -每日截數時間為香港時間00:00(GMT+8) -此卡只提供流動數據服務,並不提供語音通話分鐘 -支援手機熱點數據分享 -可連接各大社交平台及香港網站 -三合一SIM卡, 適用於任何上網裝置/手機 -最後啟用日期為: 2025/6/30 -【因應台灣營辦商通知,由2024年1月3日起,須完成香港實名登記方可於台灣使用儲值卡服務,直至另行通知】 -請開啟WiFi進入: https://www.three.com.hk/prepaid/account/tc/rnr-reg 以護照/香港身份證完成實名登記。 -Valid for 30 days form the day the card is successfully opened. -Immediate real-name registration is required after activation. -First 30GB high-speed data, then speed limit 128kpbs unlimited data -Daily cut-off time is 00:00 Hong Kong time (GMT+8). -This card only provides mobile data service, no voice minutes. -Support network sharing. -Allowed to connect to any social network platform and Hong Kong website -3in1 Sim card, applicable to any Internet device/smart phone -Expiry date: 2025/6/30 -【Due to notification from Taiwanese operators, real-name registration in Hong Kong is required from 2024/1/3 to use the prepaid card service in Taiwan, until further notice.】 -Please connect to WiFi and visit : https://www.three.com.hk/prepaid/account/tc/rnr-reg to complete the real-name registration using your passport or Hong Kong ID.