TrueMove泰國Tourist SIM 5G 10日無限數據卡



-10日 50GB 無限高速上網 (15mbps) -首50GB以5G/4G高速流量, 其後將降速至384kbps無限數據 -此卡提供語音通話服務(包含一個泰國手機號碼) -100 分鐘泰國通話+30 分鐘撥打中國內地通話 -支援手機熱點數據分享,限速後不能分享數據 -無須登記,即買即用 -三合一SIM卡, 適用於任何上網裝置 / 智能手機 -最後啟用日期: 2024/12/31 -10-Day 50GB Unlimited High-peed Data Sim -First 50GB high-speed 5G/4G Data, then speed limit 284kbps unlimited data. -This card provides voice call service (including one Thailand mobile number): 100 minutes of Thailand calls + 30 minutes of calls to Mainland China -Available to tethering share data, cannot be shared data after the speed limit. -No registration required, plug to go -3in1 sim card, applicable to any Internet device/smart phone -Expiration date: 2024/12/31

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