National Telecom 4G泰國7日無限高速上網卡



-4G泰國7 日無限高速上網 -無限NT之間通話,無限接聽所有來電 -三合一sim卡, 適用於任何上網裝置智能手機 -無須登記,即買即用 -最後啟用日期: 2024/10/30 【建議在熱門旅遊地區使用,例如:曼谷、芭提雅、大城、華欣、普吉島、清邁】、其他地區和海島信號較弱 -4G Thailand 7-Day Unlimited High-speed Data SIM Card -Unlimited calls between NT numbers, Unlimited incoming calls -3in1 sim card, applicable to any Internet device/smart phone -Registration not required, Plug to go -Expiry date: 2024/10/30 【It is recommended to use in popular tourist destinations, such as: Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai】, the signal may be weaker in other regions and islands.

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